PayPal – At World’s End

As usual, I was buying something I don’t need at EBay today.
While was paying at PayPal I clicked ‘Pay’ button and saw this.


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Fig 1 Did payment go through or not?


Should I wait for email confirmation and if it won’t arrive assume that payment did not go through?
After I clicked ‘Back’ button in a browser I saw exactly the same page which was ready to accept my payment again.

Could PayPal do a bit more than this?
HINT – send payment with AJAX request and read response about payment status, even with internal error (this does happen) read it and re-send another AJAX request to see a transaction status in a background without letting me even know about it. Finally – just say transaction was completed/failed instead of leaving me guessing and taking responsibility for hitting ‘Pay’ button second time in a hope that I will not be debited twice?

  • May 12th, 2008