Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

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Fig 1 Was unlucky to press ‘View my profile on LinkedIn’ button to see HTTP 404


This BLOG is hosted on A2 Hosting. I come in a morning and find it down. I ssh to server and check ‘#ps aux | grep httpd’ and nothing comes back. I go to A2 support site and create a support case and paste my command output with ‘#date;hostname’ output. A2 Support replies that they are working on a problem.


I am asking them – if you monitor and aware why not to automatically redirect all trafic to another server (as soon as Apache died on certain server) with a nice human page saying we have a problem and are working on resolution rather than leave X many customer web sites users with HTTP 404 and customers creating not needed to anybody support cases. Silence is their answer. Anything can be down (especially web sites) – I accept it as a given but there is a huge difference between 404 – even pretty one like shown above of LinkedIn and clever automatic monitoring without fear to show its results to loyal (yet) customers. Hope you are with me. Now – back to screenshots and away from words.

  • June 11th, 2008