Have you ever cut holes in your INPUTs?

After I passed a piece of paper with my details to a few people I decided to get serious and make a business card. It turned out to be fun later and this is a story in chronological order.


Fig 1 First draft in Word in HCard format


Fig 2 Another early-boring draft like XML


Fig 3 Going wild – decided to really show a world behind web forms


Fig 4 All in place – database, web server, client side work


Fig 5 Technical specs for designer who I am not


Fig 6 In search of true personality and size (it matters)


Fig 7 Exactly as specified but something is missing


Fig 8 Trying to show right feeling


Click to enlarge

Fig 9 Later realised that I need comics artist not illustrator

He has got it right from first shoot. I still regret my IIS sketch did not find its place in there. I like programmer who tries to push square block into round hole in database and database admin who ‘firefights’ heated database. Sign on a truck will be ‘JSON’.

  • June 18th, 2008