Gift – creation process – Part II

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Fig 1 First draft – story line


Fig 2 How to make it a bit more ‘story friendly’ and put objects?


Fig 3 La perfecto – looks like artists hands were attached to my brain


Part Zero

Part I

I receive an offer to develop system by email
One developer leaves project (falls off ladder) and another one replaces him on parachute
At certain stage we had to replace PostgreSQL with MS SQL 2000
Elephant (PostgreSQL)
Pile of paper and pile of car parts
PostgreSQL replaced with MS SQL 2000
‘Lights, Camera, Action’
2004-2006 area stretched
It makes this area (almost) flat on a graph allowing putting some objects (people and things)
How to make a flat area on non flat graph?
‘Classic’ X axis

  • October 3rd, 2008