Free and cool business development offer for poor

Fig 1 Problem description (Sydney, Australia)


Fig 2 Current look of timetables


Fig 3 Proposed cool/free solution


We are told that CityRail does not have money either to equip old trains with air conditioning or replace old trains with new ones. My offer is not about finding a funding to achieve this.

I am 100% sure that CityRail keeps information on which trains are air conditioned and which ones are not in their database. From my observation it is always either all carriages or none.


Why not to make this information simply publicly available by marking air conditioned trains in a different color (as shown on Fig 3)?
Why not to let customers to decide between ‘sooner’ and ‘cooler’?
It is not a solution of a root problem but is is not expensive and quick to implement and will impact quality of service.


I can even implement this idea for free for CityRail.

Travel date: 23 Jan 2009
Travel time (duration): 9am -10am (1 hour)
Outside temperature: +35 C
Conditions on departure (B): fresh and deodorized
Conditions on arrival (A): sweat and smelly
Reason: not air conditioned train

  • January 23rd, 2009