Fig 1 Lost and … lost again

Unfortunately we have not received your item at this stage. Generally it takes more than a week for stations to send lost items to us if found, please resubmit your request by next week, thank you for your e-mail. RailCorp by-laws state that we only keep items on hand for no longer than 28 days, then they are disposed of.
Kind regards
Lost Property Office
Central Station opposite platform no. 1
Tel: 9379 3341, 9379 3343
Fax: 9379 4727
E-mail: lostproperty@railcorp.nsw.gov.au
Address: RailCorp Lost Property Office
PO Box K349, Haymarket NSW 1238
… by creating a reminder somewhere to do it next week and filling about 20 fields web form. Why is this?

  • April 29th, 2009