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Fig 1 HR System – Addresses UI


What to do if ‘Next of kin address’ is the same as ‘Home address’ (it is a single choice drop down)?
To type it second time? It is kinda boring.
Or, may be, do not type it at all? How then it will be different with a case when a person simply does not have next of kin?
Why ‘Emergency Contact information’ attached to each type of address? Can ‘Postal address’ has ‘Emergency Contact information’?


I would detach ‘Emergency Contact information’ from any address – it is really a person with relationship to employee and contact phone numbers. I would allow two numbers or even three (!) – at the end of the day it is an emergency – mobile, home, work. As for addresses I would add a checkbox section to characterize a new address as one or many – home and postal and next of kin and … only after I would sell it for so much and even more ….

  • October 13th, 2009