Google Corporation – Part II

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Fig 1 This time by mail (click to enlarge)


Fig 2 with the same result


This month I have received Google Adwords coupons twice – in email and in regular mail. Both times I spent 10 minutes to fill in forms to find out that my account is ‘too old to be eligible to redeem’. I tried to call 1800 today as suggested and quit after listening a 2 star motel on hold music after 10 minutes. Who is Jason Chuck anyway? Does he likes his job very much? If I would have an opportunity to call 1800 and be connected to Jason Chuck I will suggest him to monitor ‘too old to be eligible to redeem’. No more coupons for me, thanks – unopened to a rubbish bin (virtual or real).


Google Corporation – Part I

  • March 30th, 2010