IKEA – love your customer

Fig 1 IKEA (au) stock availability page


Above are my comments on general approach to stock availability. Giant IKEA can not say that item is available if their system shows 10 items. In my case shelf was empty and shop assistants’ computer was showing 10 items available. Where they were? Nobody knows.


1. There are only three IKEA shops in Australia

2. In city like Sydney driving to a shop may take you one hour one way easily.

3. On weekends – when most of the people who work shop – IKEA shop looks like crowded Chinese beach, where every second person have a huge trolley.


Question I have – why IKEA does not sell online?


1. No delivery service is needed.

2. Just eliminate uncertainty and queues.

3. You can spend two hours driving if you know items you need are waiting for you.

4. Shops will be less crowded as many clients will receive goods from the other ‘door’ (warehouse).

5. Many people browse on first visit making a decision on variety and prices and do not need to visit IKEA shop second time when decision was made. Now they have no choice as to come second time to wait in long queues or find out that items they are looking for are out of stock and they need to come and waste another weekend.

If 10 pieces are marked as Available in IKEA store when do they change a color to Likely or Limited availability?
I would say 20 pieces is already a ‘likely to be available’ because I had no luck buying it when shop assistant was showing me 10 items in stock while shelf was EMPTY.
It is a very strange interface, isn’t it?

  • April 1st, 2010