Another star to make a difference

Fig 1 Will be politely waiting without any hope, sir


I noticed that I am badly missing an option to separate incoming emails into separate parts after reading. For example, urgent & important or to-do & read later. You choose for yourself. To keep it simple two colors would be enough to me. Of course one can workaround it by marking it back ‘Unread’ and using a star but …

I would like to be able to click again and have a blue star.
So you click once here and you have a yellow star, you click again you have a blue star and one more click will return you to ‘no star’ position.
I think for most users two colors will be enough – if you need more – use ‘Labels’.
To make it all Google-cool :) I will make this star clickable too – you either search blue stars, yellow stars or grey ones (means show all colors). Click icon first and than click ‘Starred’ to search.

  • May 25th, 2010